Play Fusion CEO talks how connected play is bringing together toys, games and entertainment

Jack Ridsdale

By Jack Ridsdale

August 24th 2017 at 2:41PM
UPDATED August 25th 2017 at 5:39PM
Play Fusion CEO talks how connected play is bringing together toys, games and entertainment

We sat down with Mark Gerhard to discuss Play Fusion's ambitious new mixed reality platform that could revolutionise the toy industry.

Lightseekers, which launched this month in the UK, is a truly unique prospect to licensors- a connected world of products, encompassing an animated series, video games, trading card games, toys and more.

The possibilities for this immersive world are endless and the mind boggles, comprehending the possibilities this technology could mean for licensing as a whole, especially when it comes to products marketed towards children.

"Lightseekers is the first in next generation, next level play. It’s the world’s first holistic, mixed-reality entertainment platform," Mark Gerhard, co-creator of Lightseekers told ToyNews.

"That sounds a lot like jargon but what that actually means is that these different types of media exist including comics, TV shows, toys, interactive game and we’ve developed technology that playfully augments all of these to enhance the game experience."

"The Lightseekers game is the hub of the experience and soon we’ll be launching a TV show on YouTube and we’ve got technology that will recognise what is happening in the show, which will unlock certain content in the game," Gerhard continues.

"There’s also the trading card game. While it’s a cool, stand-alone TCG, there’s also augmented reality as part of the game experience with pets, unique cards, rare cards etc. The same is true of the action figures. Not only does the figure affect the game but the game affects the figure. You can accessorise the figure, every toy accessory is globally unique and as you level them up."

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