BabyTV partners with Classic FM

Samantha Loveday

By Samantha Loveday

September 22nd 2010 at 2:40PM
BabyTV partners with Classic FM

Pre-school channel to launch My Favourite Nursery Rhymes DVD this month.

The UK's infant and toddler TV channel, BabyTV has joined up with radio station Classic FM to release My Favourite Nursery Rhymes on DVD this month.

The arrival of the product - the first of a series of music related DVDs planned - is being backed by on-air campaigns across radio networks and the FX and National Geographic channels.

The DVD is a compilation of favourite children's songs and features a number of the most popular animations and arrangements from BabyTV's First Songs production. A Family Fun Sing-Along section, plus an activity sticker booklet, will also be included.

"BabyTV is proud to partner with Classic FM for the launch of its first DVD product in the UK," said Ralf Kies, director of licensing and merchandising at BabyTV. "Parents and children have been very receptive to the somgs and rhymes aired on our channel, and we are confident that the DVD compilation will prove popular."