BLE 08: Lenny backs Cbeebies show

By Ronnie Dungan

October 2nd 2008 at 10:12AM
BLE 08: Lenny backs Cbeebies show

Comedian Lenny Henry was at the show yesterday to lend his support to Cbeebies' key autumn launch, Big and Small.

Henry provides the voice talent for both the Big and Small characters in the show which launches next week (October 6th) in the prime 8.10am slot on Cbeebies.

The show is a co-production with Kindle Entertainment, also responsible for My Spy Family on Turner. Producer Anne Brogan (pictured here with Lenny Henry) says the next series of the show is already in the can and expects it become one of a mainstay of the upcoming Cbeebies schedule.

She told "We didn't ask Lenny because of his name so much as his comic ability. He brings a real joyfulness to it. We actually contacted him just to do small first, but it felt perfect for him to do big too."

"Small has killer comic timing. He's like a borscht belt comedian," said Henry. "They're a sort of Odd Couple for kids."

Start Licensing represents the property and details on publishing partners are expected in the next month or so.