BLE revs up gaming focus for 2017

Jade Burke

By Jade Burke

August 7th 2017 at 6:17AM
UPDATED August 7th 2017 at 9:22AM
BLE revs up gaming focus for 2017

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Mark Howsen will hold a keynote during this year’s event, focusing on how gaming can help reach a broader audience.

BLE 2017 is ramping up its gaming offering for 2017’s event, with the launch of a dedicated Gaming Activation Area.

The new area will provide guests with an opportunity to gain more insight into some of the ways popular gaming IPs can be taken from screen to store.

“Gaming has been a feature of BLE for many years but, this year, we are seriously ramping up our content,” said Anna Knight, brand director of BLE.

“Despite being one of the most creative, exiting, forward-looking and lucrative entertainment markets in the world worth just shy of $100bn, when it comes to licensing it remains largely untapped thanks in part to a lack of understanding about the end user, the products and the potential.

“At BLE we hope to change this by educating our visitors about the industry and the opportunities it offers them.”

Sony Interactive Entertainment, headline partner for this year’s gaming theme, will also be on hand to demonstrate to attendees how gaming can help reach a broader audience, with Mark Howsen, commercial development director, performing a keynote presentation.

“Games have such a broad fan base today. Of course, there are those who have been playing for years and grown up with certain characters who provide an opportunity to brand holders, but there are also newcomers to the field attracted by technological advancements such as smart phones and AR,” added Howsen

“Playing games is accessible to all and we’ve discovered there are lots of different ways to appeal to players of all styles and walks of life. We are looking forward to discussing the opportunities our industry offers.”

The video gaming keynote will take place on October 10th at 12pm.

Sega, Capcom, Ubisoft, King, Activision Blizzard and Rovio are some of the gaming brands to exhibit among the 190 exhibitors.