Classic Media reveals first Where's Waldo? film

Samantha Loveday

By Samantha Loveday

November 8th 2011 at 10:42AM
Classic Media reveals first Where's Waldo? film

MGM secures movie rights for big screen live action family movie.

Where's Waldo? - or Where's Wally? as he's known in the UK - is heading to cinema screens, after MGM secured the rights from Classic Media.

MGM will now create a live action family adventure based on the property.

"We are thrilled to be bringing the search for Waldo to the big screen," said Jonathan Glickman, president of MGM. "Along with our partners at Classic Media, we look forward to making a worldwide adventure that will appeal to Where's Waldo? fans of all ages."

Eric Ellenbogen, co CEO at Classic Media, added: "Waldo is the most searched for character in the world. With thanks to MGM, fans everywhere will find Waldo in movie theatres with his motion picture debut."