Ferrari races onto PCs

By Katie Roberts

November 24th 2008 at 9:43AM
Ferrari races onto PCs

Thrustmaster has added a Ferrari F430 FFB to its range of racing wheels.

The new product is an exact replica of the Ferrari F430 steering wheel and is unique woing to is specific shape and design.

The Engine Start button functions as a directional pad and the multi-position switch, or Manettino, is an exclusive Ferrari innovation, which Thrustmaster has adapted to the world of video games.

The extra large racing wheel measures 28cm in diamter and combines a rubber-textured wheel coating with metal elements.

The pedal set is weighted to offer stability and features a magnetic resistance function delivering realistic and controlled power.

The Ferrari F430 FB PC features ten accessible buttons and includes a range of Thrustmaster’s advanced technologies including the use of a dual pulley, belt and gears system for the force feedback mechanism or the Force button.

The wheel is available this month and will retail at around £99.99.