Kids' app PopJam heads to US

Jade Burke

By Jade Burke

August 19th 2016 at 10:23AM
Kids' app PopJam heads to US

SuperAwesome’s social media app for children is making its way to the US, after reaching one million users in the UK.

SuperAwesome’s kids’ social media app PopJam is making its way to the US, following its success in the UK.

Designed for children aged under 13-years-old, the app allows users to share artwork and network with creators.

The US version of the app will boast channels from various content brands, including the likes of NBCUniversal and Roald Dahl.

Paul Nunn, CCO of  SuperAwesome, said: “PopJam is a truly unique platform for kids to engage creatively with their favourite creators in a safe environment; following the huge popularity of the app amongst brands, content creators and kids, we are both delighted and confident that PopJam will create a fantastic impact in the US market and attract many more partners and fans,” reports Venture Beat.

The app also surpassed its one million users milestone recently, and now reaches over 30 per cent of kids aged from eight to 12 in the UK.

Image source: Venture Beat