Moshi Monsters movie on the way?

By Lewis Tyler

August 1st 2012 at 10:37AM
Moshi Monsters movie on the way?

Michael Acton-Smith says Mind Candy is in talks with Hollywood studios.

Moshi Monsters has over 75 million users and its toy lines from Vivid are set to achieve sales in excess of £75 million this year. It's also the UK's biggest kids brand, according to NPD.

The brand's popularity is such that a Moshi Monsters album, Music Rox, was recently released under the Moshi Music label - could the time be right for a feature-length Moshi Monsters film?

Mind Candy head Michael Action-Smith thinks so. Speaking to Screen he revealed that the company was in talks with top Hollywood studios.

He said: “I want to retain creative control and we have our own money in the bank. We’re undecided whether to spend years in development in Hollywood or do something more modest in-house.”

If the Moshi Movie was made in-house with Mind Candy’s own funds, it could end up as straight to DVD offering.

Acton-Smith also said that digital brands such as Moshi offer film studios a low-risk option.

“The bets you can make with online properties are much cheaper,” he said. “It’s much less expensive than creating, say, a John Carter.”