MY VIEW: Star Power

By staff

October 8th 2008 at 10:48AM
MY VIEW: Star Power

Greenlight's Mark Sherman on pop's powerful potential in the licensing market.

Music has the power to move and inspire, and as a result, marketers are now harnessing pop's powerful potential more aggressively than ever before.

While commissions for original music for ads plummet, licensing music from established and emerging artists is soaring: record companies’ income from synchronisation licensing alone has grown by 20.1 per cent over the past year according to the BPI (previously the British Phonographic Industry).

Licensing a well-known song or lyric is an effective way of making a powerful emotional connection for advertisers. Out of all the film-based winners at the Cannes Lions advertising festival this year, over half of the gold winners used some form of licensed music in their winning entries.

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