Now it's Rastamouse ?The Album?

By Lewis Tyler

May 24th 2011 at 9:58AM
Now it's Rastamouse ?The Album?

The Rastafarian Rodent has put together a collection of his own original reggae tunes.

Hot Hot Hot, the first single, will be released on June 26th with The Album (Makin' A Bad Ting Good) due to hit shelves shortly after, on July 4th.

Rastamouse’s debut offering features extended versions of tunes from the show, including Life is Sweet, Give it Up For Da Easy Crew and Wha Gwaan?

All of the show's cast members, including Rastamouse himself Reggie Yates, have lent their voices to the work.

The successful BBC series is based on the range of books by Michael De Souza and Genevieve Webster.

Rastamouse’s music career continues to gather pace – the musical mouse is already on the bill for the Glastonbury festival.

After the summer work will begin on the next Rastamouse BBC series.

If you can’t wait for the album, click here to view the video for Ice Popp.