OPINION: Why UK kids TV brain drain must be stopped

Samantha Loveday

By Samantha Loveday

March 11th 2008 at 3:59PM
OPINION: Why UK kids TV brain drain must be stopped

Mind Candy CTO on how the licensing, toy and entertainment industries will lose out if homegrown TV talent is not preserved.

The CTO of online game developer Mind Candy has spoken of his fears of the commercial effect that the decline of UK children's TV will have on the licensing, toy and online entertainment sectors.

In a column for Licensing.biz, Chris Thorpe said that "without a diverse collection of homegrown children's TV programmes on standard terrestrial TV, there will be a loss of many licensing deals which will only add to the UK's currently increasing balance of payment deficit".

"If you visit any branch of Woolworths or a toy store you will see the vast array of licensed products - toys as tie-ins to TV programmes," he stated.

"The TV programme inspires the child, makes them want to invent storylines, collect characters and then their play pattern includes and extends what they see on screen. By showing UK children a majority of programming content sourced from overseas, we will be missing out on a vast amount of income which could be funding the next round of programmes and aspiring programme makers."

Thorpe also said that we could see the mainstream toy industry "reduced to the status of a middleman" as toy production is largely outsourced to China and the creation of IP and characters comes from overseas.

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