VIDEO GAMES MONTH: Legal safeguards

By staff

October 31st 2008 at 10:39AM
VIDEO GAMES MONTH: Legal safeguards

Hamlins' Ian Down looks at which legal safeguards exist within the video games industry.

At the tender age of 18, whilst being booked in at a small town police station in March this year, Devin Moore formerly of no criminal record suddenly snapped, stole an officer’s gun, shot that officer and then two others, including one clinical shot each to the head, took the keys to a cruiser and headed off at speed.

Moore had been playing Grand Theft Auto continually in the days before the shooting and told the arresting officers “Life is like a video game – everybody’s going to die sometime.” Notably relatives of the deceased are now taking legal action alleging that the game’s makers are responsible for producing a game which has incited the deaths.

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