Nick Jr. tribute week: Shimmer and Shine sparkles at retail, on TV and in the playground

Nick Jr. tribute week: Shimmer and Shine sparkles at retail, on TV and in the playground

Presented by Nickelodeon

July 7th 2017 at 10:27AM

Nick Jr.'s genie world is expanding as Shimmer and Shine continues to glow across pre-school TV audiences. Now, with a new collectable range called Teenie Genies already lighting up the playground, Nickelodeon's Marianne James discusses the strength of this magical property.

The adventures of Shimmer and Shine, twin genies-in-training, is proving to be a big hit with pre-schoolers across Nick Jr and Milkshake.

With a focus on emotional development, Shimmer and Shine highlights the importance of teamwork, friendship and resilience.

The genie world in which Shimmer and Shine live is only going to expand with an all new CGI look introduced in season two, a new collectable range called Teenie Genies and launched in April, and a host of new themes for season three.

“The world of Shimmer and Shine is incredibly opulent and ornate,” explains  Nickelodeon’s Marianne James. “Using CGI really enhances the detail on the locations.

“The show has caught the imagination of girls everywhere. It’s got it all: imagination, magic and humour. Season three has been greenlit and will introduce new characters and explore more of the genie world.”

The new Teenie Genie collectables from Fisher-Price are being introduced at a very timely moment. The collectables segment has really exploded over the past 12 to 18 months and Teenie Genies will bring the craze into a pre-school girls’ market.

There are over 130 Teenie Genies to collect in lots of fun themes including Dance Party, Music Divine, Dreamy Genies and Magical Market. Thene there are the accessories to go with the collectables, such as a carry case and collector’s guide.

It’s a very strong product line that adds another layer to the brand.

Strengthening the key attributes of the show, friendship and teamwork, the Better Together campaign will hit the UK market later this year, showing pre-schoolers the importance of working together to meet common goals – whether that is doing the tidying together or making playtime more fun.