1960s Batman TV show to get DVD release this year

Warner Bros is bringing the 1960s Batman TV show to DVD, reports Empire.

The TV show, starring Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin, has never graced DVD or VHS before as a result of a long running dispute regarding the rights.

Problems revolve around the joint ownership between three companies: Greenway Productions, and US TV networks ABC and Fox, while there has also been issues over the fact that Fox owns the show while Warner Bros owns the characters.

But, as revealed via Conan O’Brien’s Twitter account, Warner Bros is now bringing the show to DVD in the US. A region 2 release is yet to be confirmed.

For those unaware of the Caped Crusader’s slightly camper powers than those seen in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight (not to mention his groovy dancing abilities and a glimpse at the original Batmobile), check out the clip below:

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