41e and Giromax in deal for Pac-Man trading cards, stickers and albums

41 Entertainment and its agent in Spain, BRB Internacional, has granted a license to Giromax for a range of collectable Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures trading cards, stickers and albums.

The deal will see the range land in North America, Australia, New Zealand and in Europe, except Iberia, in 2014.

“Giromax is a wonderful company that has great expertise in this space," said Allen Bohbot, managing director of 41e

"They will do a very good job for PAC-MAN. We are very pleased that BRB has been able to secure this license."

Anna Sanfeliu, managing director of Giromax added, “We are very excited with this property and so are our distributors worldwide. We expect to do a lot of business with Pac-Man.”

The products will be aimed at kids aged between five and 10 years of age.

“There are so many characters in this show that it lends itself well for this type of product category," said Avi Arad, executive producer.

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