Aardman introduces Morph emojis and stickers

Aardman has released an emoji sticker featuring the character of Morph to celebrate his 40th anniversary.

Available to download for free on the App Store, the emojis were sculpted by hand by Morph creator Peter Lord using modelling clay, before graphics and animation were added to bring them to life. The emojis cover a wide swathe of emotions from angry to embarressed, not excluding the ever popular poo emoji.

“When someone said to me; ‘We could do Morph emojis’ it was like this huge lightbulb going on. Of course. That’s just perfect!" said Peter Lord.

"Morph has a lovely round face and he does great expressions; he really is like a living emoji," he added. "Who wouldn’t want Morph’s happy (and sometimes grumpy) face all over their messages? Bless him. So I jumped on the idea, and I’m so happy with the way they’ve worked out, they’re really funny and charming.” 

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