Acamar Films honoured by Writer’s Guild of Great Britain for Bing

Independent studio Acamar Films has been awarded a prestigious accolade from the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain for its hit pre-school series, Bing.

The animated series has claimed the title of Best Writing in a Children’s Television Episode for Bing Bye Bye, an episode written by Denise Cassar, Lucy Murphy and Mikael Shields.

The award was also given to Ted Dewan, the author and creator of the Bing character.

The latest recognition for the property follows Bing’s recent BAFTA nomination.

“Team writing is an unusual route to decide to take for a pre-school series,” said Lucy Murphy, executive producer and leader of the Bing writing team for Acamar.

“It can be a difficult and sometimes arduous process but we were blessed with a skilled and passionate team of 23 wonderful writers and we found the results to be gratifying and worth the extra effort.

“Huge congratulations to Denise cassar, the lead writer of this award-winning episode and to our Bing writing team. It is unusual for a pre-school project to win this prestigious award, so thank you also to the Writer’s Guild of Great Britain for honoring our work.”

Acamar Films has revelaed global broadcast deals for Bing in partnership with Aardman and there is now a growing licensing programme in place for 2015 and beyond, with toys, books and more launching at retail.

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