Amazon to launch social media feature, Spark

Amazon has unveiled a new social media-style feature for its app in the form of Spark, with an Instagram-style timeline.

users are encouraged to post stories, ideas and images of products they love, which others can react to with comments and ‘Smiles’ – Amazon’s answer to the ‘Like’ button.

The feature has been released to US consumers today, after several months of beta testing. Amazon’s aim is to build a new social media experience, bringing off-site experience with products through services like Twitter or Instagram back into the app, where they can be translated into further purchases instantaneously.

The feature starts by asking the user to input a series of interests and then generates suggestions based on this and the user’s purchase history. Spark posts can also contain product photos, text, links or polls.

Enthusiastic users can earn accolades within the app with badges, which appear when they post to Spark or write product reviews. 

Further updates to the app are to be expected. On July 30, it will begin to allow users to share their previously written product reviews from their profile to Spark.

The feature is available now on the US iPhone Amazon App.

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