American Psycho TV series on the way

US network FX, rebranded as FOX in the UK, has given the green light to an American Psycho TV series, reports The Wrap.

The series will follow serial killer Patrick Bateman as he trains up a successor in the present day.

Those Who Kill’s Stefan Jaworski is writing and executive producing the show, with Ed Pressman and Allison Shearmur also on executive producing duties.

The series is being produced by Lionsgate Televison and FX Productions.

The original movie, based on a Bret Easton Ellis novel, saw Christian Bale step into the blood-soaked shoes of Patrick Bateman, a wealthy New York yuppie who leads a secret life as a serial killer.

A sequel has actually already been made in the form of the unsuccessful straight-to-DVD movie American Psycho 2: All American Girl, which followed a woman who is inspired by Bateman to become a serial killer herself.

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