Angry Birds 2 hits 30m downloads, with a third coming from China

The sequel to Rovio’s popular mobile game Angry Birds has hit the 30 million downloads milestone, just two weeks since its launch.

The firm reports that one third of the 30m downloads that Angry Birds 2 has seen since its launch have originated from China, a result for the firm that has eyed the market as a growing focus.

By August 6th, and just one week after its launch, the follow-up title to the globally revered mobile game had secured over 20million downloads, catapulting it to the number on iPhone or iPad download in more than 100 countries.

In just 14 days, Angry Birds 2 has achieved as many downloads as its original title secured in nine months.

The launch has now helped the brand “gain a new foothold in China,” according to Rovio’s chief commercial officer, Alex Lambeek.

 ‘What a great start to the Angry Birds 2 journey,’ read a statement from the firm. ‘But keep those slingshots well waxed and in good working order. The adventure on Piggy Island is just getting started, and exciting surprises await around the corner.’

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