Animaccord lands new Amazon Prime Video partnership for Masha and the Bear

Animaccord has struck up a new deal with Amazon Prime Video to bring its flagship Masha and the Bear seasons one to three, as well as its spin-offs Masha’s Spooky Stories and Masha’s Tales to audiences across a number of territories.

In a multi-territory partnership, Prime Video has acquired the rights to seasons one and two in multiple languages to launch the show across Europe, including in Spain, Italy, and France.

An update to the deal will see Animaccord deliver Masha and the Bear seasons one to three – and its spin offs – with local dubbing to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The Masha’s Spooky Stories spin-off is available in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, while the Masha’s Tales spin-off will be available in France, Italy, and Spain.

Masha and the Bear consumer products are widely represented on Amazon. The first official brand store was launched across the USA, UK, Germany, and India starting in 2018, selling Masha and the Bear themed t-shirts, hoodies, pop sockets and other items.

As of today, there are brand stores in eight countries: the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the USA, Mexico, and India.

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