AR app Seek rolls out The Mummy campaign

To mark the release of the upcoming film, The Mummy, Universal Studios and Cinemark are joining forces with augmented reality (AR) app, Seek.

At over 300 locations nationwide, fans who download Seek can visit Cinemark cinemas and open the Mummy sarcophagus for the opportunity to win $100 gift cards, concessions discounts, Universal Studios tickets and free movie tickets.

"The launch of the Universal Pictures campaign for The Mummy, tied in with Cinemark and Fandango, is another meaningful validation of what we’re doing,” said Jon Cheney, CEO of Seek.

“Delivering augmented reality content in a relevant and rewarding way is what Seek is all about – this campaign hits on every point of our mission."

Kicking off tomorrow, the campaign is set to continue until June 10th, with over 10,000 prizes up for grabs. 

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