Art and Science appointed licensing agent for new series Kazoops

Cheeky Little Media has revealed that Art and Science has been named the UK licensing agent for new children’s series Kazoops.

Designed for three to seven-year-olds, Kazoops follows the adventures of Monty and his pet pig Jimmy Jones.

Through Monty’s imagination, the duo begin to question preconceptions, such as the need to wear matching socks, to help promote creative thinking.

The deal will see Art and Science develop a UK merchandising programme across multiple sectors, with the first partners set to be announced soon.

“Kazoops brings with it a whole new option for three to seven-year-old merchandise,” said Nicola Webster, licensing director at Art and Science.

“This property has a unique musical element and whimsical imaginative content that children of this age will identify with. To go with it is beautiful CGI imagery that pays homage to traditional Clay Animation and really brings the modern day heroes of Monty and Jimmy Jones to life.

“We very much look forward to introducing this delightful property to our licence partners in the coming weeks and months.”

Patrick Egerton, executive producer at Cheeky Little Media, added: “We are delighted to be working with the team from Art and Science in creating a full licensing programme for Kazoops.

“This is a very special property and we aim to recreate the magic that comes with every episode as Monty and Jimmy Jones explore the world around them, and challenge rules and preconceptions of everyday life through the power of Monty’s imagination.”

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