Artist transforms iconic properties into Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics

The parallels between superhero fantasy and ancient mythology have been drawn ever tighter thanks to new interpretations of Egyptian hieroglyphics featuring the popular superhero brands of today.

Created by artist Josh Lane, the artwork features X-Men, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Kick Ass and the Power Rangers, as well as Star Trek, all in the side-on positions synonymous with Ancient Egypt.

Replacing the likes of Egyptian gods Osiris and Anubis, the papyri includes Captain America, Thor and Wolverine.

The Guardian reports that Lane ‘applies the conventions of ancient Egyptian art to his portrayal of modern heroes. Captain America and other Marvellous beings pose with feet side-on, torsos turned to face the onlooker and heads in profile.’

Take a look at some of these new looks for the properties below:

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