Asmodee Entertainment stikes deal with Dark Horse Comics to develop tabletop art book series

Asmodee Entertainment is secured a new partnership with Dark Horse Comics to create a series of licensed art books for three of the tabletop gaming titan’s leading gaming properties.

Under the new deal, Dark Horse has tapped into Asmodee’s portfolio of over 300 gaming IPs to curate a collection of unique art books showcasing the artwork from the worlds of Android Universe, Arkham Horror, and KeyForge through a collection of never-before-seen art and commentary.

Delving into the games from the renowned games studio, Fantasy Flight Games, the first of the three art books will debut at the end of this year, or early next year. Dark Horse’s art books have been billed as ‘the perfect companion piece for fans of these beloved game universes.’

“With their amazing range of top-quality art and background books, Dark Horse is a natural partner for capturing the richly detailed and very stylistically different worlds of Arkham Horror, KeyForge and the Android Universe through this first series of artbooks,” said Andy Jones, head of Asmodee Entertainment.

Dark Horse Comics editor, Ian Tucker, added: “As a tabletop gamer with many an Asmodee product populating my overflowing shelves, I’m beyond excited to be working with Asmodee and the rest of the Dark Horse team to bring these books to life.

“Our goal is to showcase these diverse and exciting properties in all their glorious detail, and we can’t wait to share the fruits of this partnership with readers, players and fans.”

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