ASOS Design and Fox partner on The Simpsons 90s-style apparel collection

ASOS Design has teamed up with Fox and The Simpsons to create a summer collection of apparel that launched this week.

ASOS has a history of iconic collaborations with some of the world’s biggest IP and names. Meanwhile, The Simpsons holds the record as the longest-running primetime scripted show in television history.

The ASOS collection is inspired by 90s party culture and features more than 30 pieces of streetwear influenced styles, each with a nod to the iconic cast of the hit animated series.

Bart, Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie, Patty and Selma, even the Kwik-E-Mart features among the design that includes clothing, bucket hats and tote bags. The collection has already been met with positive response from fans, Fox has confirmed.

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