Asterix prepares for new album launch this year

Iconic French comic, Asterix is looking to follow the success of its latest CGI film with the release of a new comic strip album.

Two years since the release of the last album, Asterix and the Missing Scroll is tipped by Editions Albert Rene to be ’one of the international bestsellers of 2015,’ with an initial print run of five million.

The launch of the new album will be supported with strong PR and media campaigns, engineered to propel Asterix to success this year and beyond.

The Gaul hero, Asterix has seen much success across the printed medium since its launch in 1959, when it was created by Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo.

In the publishing field, Asterix has seen 35 albums translated into more than 110 languages with more than 360 million copies selling worldwide.

Furthermore, the property has seen a succession of hit cinematic ventures, with four live actions movies reaching international acclaim since the 1990s and the release of a CGI movie earlier this year.

Meanwhile, the Parisian Asteric leisure park, Le Parc Asterix has been the second-most visited park in France for the last 25 years.

Owing to a burgeoning portfolio of licensing partners, the Asterix brand generates more than €1m annually and is an established name across France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands as well as the UK.

The property now continues to expand its global reach, with new audiences growing in Poland, India, USA and South America.

“With the benefit of the release of a new album at the end of the year, 2016 can only be a great year to be with Asterix,” read a statement from Editions Albert Rene.

The new Asterix album, Asterix and the Missing Scroll will hit retailers on October 22nd this year.


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