Firm is territory's first brand licensing agency that will focus solely on the clip licensing category for advertising purposes.

AUSTRALIA: Born Licensing opens its doors

Born Licensing has launched as Australia’s first ever brand licensing agency that will focus solely on the clip licensing category for advertising purposes.

The Melbourne-based company will hold representation agreements with global entertainment giants and will initially focus on the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Owner and director David Born (pictured) has long been involved with clip licensing, having previously worked for major global studios in several senior roles across Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

“I’m thrilled to be launching a business that will solely focus on what I believe is, the most exciting category in the brand licensing business," he commented. "An area where entertainment and advertising come together in a really spectacular way.”

The term clip licensing can often be interpreted as simply placing existing footage in an advertisement. However there is a lot more to it, as Born explains: “The clip licensing business is actually a lot broader than it sounds. There are many ways to leverage existing footage creatively. Additionally, there are a range of other clip licensing techniques that have proven to be effective such as using character likeness, recreating an iconic TV show or movie scene, using themes and plots or even simply featuring popular quotes and catch phrases."

Born believes there has never been a better time than now to launch the clip licensing agency: “Right now is a really interesting time in advertising. We know that it can be challenging for advertising messages to get through to target audiences. Consumers have more authority than ever before when it comes to how they engage with advertising. Mobility and digital segments are growing at a phenomenal pace, and we are really seeing a major shift of power from, advertiser to consumer.

“At the same time people love to be entertained. TV shows and movies continue to be a popular source for entertainment. By leveraging TV and movie brands in advertising campaigns, advertisers have the opportunity to provide entertainment while communicating their message. Additionally, they’re able to tap into an existing consumer base. That means existing interest and existing emotional connections. There is so much value in having a head start like that.

"It allows advertisers to entertain, engage and make the message memorable. In turn this will encourage the consumer to watch the ad, and then tell other people about it.”

Born Licensing will shortly announce key licensor partners, and will be presenting to advertising agencies across Australia and New Zealand throughout 2015.

“Our efforts are going to be focused on raising the profile of clip licensing techniques, the process involved and the amazing brand portfolios we represent. The more that advertising agencies know, the more top of mind it will be when they are working on creative for their clients," Born concluded.

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