Australia’s Peter Alexander launches exclusive Garfield sleep wear line

Australian fashion retailer Peter Alexander has launched an exclusive new sleep and loungewear collection based on the popular animated character, Garfield.

The line has been launched in stores across Australia and New Zealand as part of its Famous Cats and Dogs in store theme.

The range spanning men, women and children lines features lounge pants and t-shirts, trunks, pyjama sets and baby onesies.

Garfield is also featuring on all Peter Alexander window displays throughout the campaign that currently features on the retailer’s social media channels including Facebook which boasts over 16.9 million fans.

“It wouldn’t be a famous cats and dogs theme without Garfield,” said Peter Alexander.

“And we have so much in common. I hate Mondays, Garfield hates Mondays. I love lasagna and Garfield loves lasagna. So I just had to include Garfield in my new sleepwear collection.”

Mark Paul, MD of Global Licensing, the licensing agent for Garfield across Australia and New Zealand, added: “We are very fortunate to work with such an outstanding retail partner as Peter Alexander to bring this exciting new clothing range to market.

“Garfield is an example of a classic brand with wide appeal across all ages and he has significant untapped merchandising potential.”

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