Baileys lines up delicious partnership with Bavarian craft biscuit brand Bahlsen

Baileys has lined itself up a delicious little partnership with Bahlsen, the family-run crafted biscuits brand, to create the Bahlsen Ohne Gleichen Baileys and Bahlsen Comtess Baileys range – which is ironically, quite the mouthful.

To put that into more digestible morsels, Bahlsen Ohne Gleichen Bailieys is a crispy wafer, filled with a baileys flavoured cream and topped with a layer of crunchy milk chocolate. Meanwhile, Bahlsen Comtess Baileys is a two-toned cake blended with Baileys flavouring and decorated with cocoa icing.

We’ll give you a moment to wipe that dribble away before telling you that the biscuits are already available, having launched to grocers across Germany and Austria in September this year, giving us all the reason we’ve been waiting for for a trip to Bavaria this year.

Acting on behalf of Diageo, the deal was brokered by the brand extension agency, Beanstalk.

Declan Hassett, Diageo senior licensing manager, commented: “Bahlsen Ohne Gleichen Baileys and Bahlsen Comtess Baileys are delicious examples of how Baileys and Bahlsen create mouth- watering treats you can enjoy in those ‘Ooh go on then’ moments.”

“Baileys is characterised by its indulgent taste, exquisite quality and distinct flavour, all of which is captured perfectly in Bahlsen Ohne Gleichen Baileys and Bahlsen Comtess Baileys with biscuit specialists, Bahlsen,” said Lisa Reiner, managing director of Beanstalk for Europe and Asia Pacific.

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