Barbie Dolphin Magic hits cinemas as Mattel implements new content plans for franchise

Mattel has implemented a new content strategy for its hit brand Barbie with the nationwide release of a new feature length film, Barbie Dolphin Magic.

The plan is to encourage children to engage with over 1300 minutes of content through 2018, three times more than in 2017.

“The new strategy puts Barbie directly where children are watching whether that’s through traditional TV, theatrical releases or on mobile, tablet or online,” said Wendy Hill, brand activation director, Mattel UK.

The new entertainment theme Barbie Dolphin Magic is supported by a hotly-anticipated product line, with key products featuring on TV, including the Barbie Dolphin Magic Snorkel Fun Friends and Barbie Dolphin Magic Boat.

In a new adventure, Barbie and her sisters Skipper, Stacie and Chelsea go on a journey to a tropical island. While snorkelling, they discover a young dolphin trapped in an enclosure, as well as a new friend Isla.

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