Move comes a month after Firth decided he wasn't the right fit for the bear from Peru.

Ben Whishaw replaces Colin Firth as voice of Paddington

Skyfall star Ben Whishaw will voice Paddington in the bear’s upcoming big screen debut.

The Daily Mail reports that the new Q was initially reluctant to take on the role.

"I resisted a little bit, because I had a bad experience doing this kind of work in the past and I thought I was no good at it. But I was persuaded to go, slightly grudgingly," he told The Daily Mail.

"I just arrive and wear this funny helmet that has a camera attached to it. It’s highly mysterious to me. I just see what they’ve done on screen, which is really beautiful and very exciting."

The move comes a month after Colin Firth decided he wasn’t the right fit for the bear from Peru.

“It’s been bittersweet to see this delightful creature take shape and come to the sad realisation that he simply doesn’t have my voice,” Firth told Empire.

“After a period of denial we’ve chosen conscious uncoupling. I’ve had the joy of seeing most of the film and it’s going to be quite wonderful. I still feel rather protective of this bear and I’m pestering them all with suggestions for finding a voice worthy of him."

Paddington lands in UK cinemas on November 28th.

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