Betty Boop hits the gym with new fitness fashion line

Betty Boop is bringing a bit of glamour to the fitness fashion category with a new apparel launch across the style capital, Italy.

In a partnership between King Features, its Italian licensing agent Premium and the Italian retailer Athletes World AW-Lab, the new urban sport line will launch in 100 stores across the region.

The apparel range follows the launch of a collection of Betty Boop fitness accessories and will include hoodies, sweatshirts, tank tops, graphic tees, bras, leggings, sports bags and drawstring bags.

“It has been really exciting working with this collection, “ said Grazia Bussandri of Premium.

“Betty Boop brings that glamour connection that women like to evoke even when they are working out. The collection has been conceived and created for the self-confident, trendsetting young woman who likes to express her sense of style in all aspects of her life, including fitness training.”

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