Beyonce sues company over ‘Feyonce’ branded goods

Singer Beyonce is suing a Texas company for selling goods using the name ‘Feyonce’, since it comes too close to her own trademarked name.

The popstar is putting a stop to the sale of shirts, jumpers, tops, hoodies and mugs all bearing the ‘Feyonce’ name.

Beyonce has accused Feyonce Ink and three individuals in a lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court, for selling infringing ‘Feyonce’ goods on their website.

According to the singer, the merchandise confuses consumers and causes her irreversible damage, reports Reuters.

A mug priced at $14.95 available from the company has been branded with the phrase ‘he out a ring on it’, which Beyonce has said was designed to mimic her well known song Single Ladies.

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