Komaneko is a creative cat who lives in the mountains with her grandfather.

Big Tent partners with Domo creator for Komaneko

Big Tent Entertainment, the firm responsible for bringing Domo to retail, is expanding its relationship with the character’s creator to launch new property Komaneko.

Based on the short film Komaneko: The First Step, Big Tent Entertainment and Tsuneo Goda will create a retail and branding campaign reflecting the story of the title character, a creative cat.

The campaign will commence with the launch of a new Komaneko e-book.

The digital adaptation of the animated story will feature the original film with further key additions including a Movie Maker tool, interactive content, games and puzzles.

Komaneko will be part of the educational Kideo eTales series and will be available on iTunes and Google Play in English, Malay and Mandarin.

Embracing its international heritage, the e-book will help children become familiar with 500 English words and more than 600 Chinese characters.

The e-book will also allow children to create their own animation.

The story of Komaneko focuses on a creative cat who is planning to shoot her own movie. Living with her grandfather on top of a mountain, Komaneko’s hobbies include making dolls and shooting stop motion films.

“Komaneko is a story that has captured the imagination of millions all across the globe since its release in Japan six years ago,” said Richard Collins, CEO of Big Tent Entertainment.

“It is a stunningly rich and beautiful story that has been adapted perfectly in this e-book format.

“This is also an opportunity for us to work with Tsuneo Goda in a different format and it has been extremely rewarding.”

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