Cult character will feature on digital stickers, emoticons and digital images

Big Tent secures new digital deals for Domo

Popular character Domo is expanding its digital footprint as Big Tent Entertainment reveals new deals with Bare Tree Media and PicoCandy.

The new deals aim to increase the property’s popularity across social media and digital platforms, developing ways for users to create Domo branded images to use on digital stickers, emoticons and digital decorations.

Bare Tree Media – the firm behind the Domo Photo Bomb – will enable Domo images to be selected and used in mobile chat and social network apps such as Cubie, KIK and MessageMe.

Meanwhile, the PicoCandy deal will allow for similar images to be distributed through its own platform available on computer, mobile phone and tablets.

Rich Maryyanek, chief marketing officer, Big Tent Entertainment, said: "Some people are called digital natives, but Domo is truly a native of the digital era living in a space that has been entirely supported by fans sharing across mobile and digital platforms.

"The appeal of the character is that people make him their own and love to share part of their daily lives with him, these deals will allow his fans another option to customise their sentiments with Domo."

Robert Ferrari, CEO at Bare Tree Media, added "We love Domo and the opportunity to connect Domo fans through our global network of online and mobile platforms.

"Texting friends and sharing Domo will be taken to new heights under this amazing partnership."

Domo has become a recent pop culture icon with over six million Facebook fans and thousands of fan-made images, websites and videos on sites such as YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

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