The show's protagonists run in to the likes of Shaq O'Neal, Jay Z and Bill Gates

Bill Gates to star in Secret Millionaires Club

Bill Gates is to make his debut appearance in the children’s animated series Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaires Club.

Airing on Sunday November 24th on the Hub Network, the new episode titled The Gift will feature the voice of the international philanthropist in an episode highlighting the importance of the environment.

Secret Millionaires Club was created by Warren Buffet and Genius Brands International to help teach kids about the world they live in, as the show’s protagonists run in to the likes of Shaq O’Neal, Jay Z and Bill Gates.

Gates said: "I was happy to join my friend Warren Buffett in an episode called The Gift that helps underline the importance of giving for kids and addresses the need for clean energy and a healthy planet."

Genius Brands International’s chairman and CEO, Andy Heyward, added: "We created Secret Millionaire’s Club with Warren Buffett to empower kids by helping them understand the world the live in, teaching them about the impact their decisions have on their own lives, as well as others.

"The series features several prominent guest stars, and we are delighted that Bill Gates agreed to participate in this very special episode about how reading it can be to give back."

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