Bing DVDs pass 250,000 units sold

UK DVD sales for Bing have reached a chart-topping 250,000 units in just over a year since launch.

Acamar Films and StudioCanal have launched five different Bing DVD box sets have been sold to UK audiences in the UK, including Bing Swing, Bing Storytime, Bing Paddling Pool, Bing Fireworks, and Bing Surprise Machine.

“In a very competitive pre-school market, the DVD performance of Bing has been phenomenal from the first DVD and through its first year on release," said John Rodden, general manager, UK home entertainment at StudioCanal.

"It’s testament to Acamar’s love and attention that the characters and brand have connected so deeply with the audience. Bing forms a very important cornerstone of StudioCanal’s commitment to releasing quality kids and family product.” 

Bethan Garton, head of licensing at Acamar Films, added: “We’re thrilled that Bing is proving to be such a hit with fans in the UK, more proof that children want to watch their favourite episodes over and over.

"Reaching a quarter of a million DVD sales in in less than a year is a fantastic result, outstripping targeted sales, and is testament to Bing’s ongoing appeal with both pre-school children and the grown-ups in their lives."

Bing has also consistently topped the animation charts with its selection of episodes on the UK’s iTunes store and has had 89 million downloads on the BBC’s iPlayer.

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