BlackMilk Clothing signs cosmic new fashion deal with Rick and Morty

The Australian fashion house BlackMilk Clothing has just detailed a new collaboration with Adult Swim’s hit series Rick and Morty.

Under this new partnership, BlackMilk, a brand best known for its colourful, tight-fitting stretchwear products, will launch a 19-piece collection featuring the cast of the animated TV series.

The fan-favourite animated comedy and its eclectic band of aliens and intergalactic worlds will be used across the collection that will include dresses, blouses, swimwear and t-shirts. The range will be available globally from February 19th.

It lands as Channel 4 readies to debut Rick and Morty season four here in the UK following an exclusive broadcasting deal with Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim channel.

The clothing range will not only feature main characters like both Rick and Morty, but also pop-culture phenomena Pickle Rick and Mr Meeseeks.

Vikram Sharma, vice president of Cartoon Network Enterprises Asia Pacific, said: “There isn’t a show quite like Rick and Morty in the market right now, in terms of the way it gets its young fans excited, engaged and laughing out loud.

‘The BlackMilk team has done a great job in making the IP truly come alive.” 

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