BLE 2015: Pusheen the Cat goes to BLE with Fluid World

Pusheen the Cat will be making her BLE debut this year as UK agent Fluid World heads to the event to showcase the global brand.

The star blogger at, Pusheen the Cat currently boasts around nine million Facebook fans and a multitude of Facebook emoticons.

Word of Web was appointed global master licensing agent by Pusheen Corp in 2013 as part of the firm’s plans to target consumers of all ages with a range of plush, books and apparel.

Meanwhile, Fluid World will be leading the brand’s UK expansion campaign.

Fuad Khan, founding director of Word of Web, said: “Pusheen has become hugely popular among young adults and its increasing success gives the brand a strong leverage on a global scale.

“We are very happy to be working with such a great partner as Fluid World to take the UK licensing programme to the next level.”

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