BLE 2018: Harry Potter, Peppa Pig and Man City drive UK licensed royalties to $818m

Harry Potter, Peppa Pig and Man City FC have helped drive UK licensed royalties to an impressive $818 million.

New analysis from LIMA has revealed that the UK leads Europe as a hub for retail sales of licensed products, reaching a record level of $14.04 billion in 2017 and generating royalties for the brand owners to the tune of $818 million.

The findings spotlight the central role the UK now plays as a market for licensed goods and services, falling only behind the US, as it exports characters like Harry Potter, Peppa Pig and brands like Manchester City FC to the rest of the world.

Royalties generated by sales in the UK account for an estimated 5.6 per cent of the $14.5 billion total royalties taken worldwide from licensed merchandise sales in 2017. This figure has risen from $682 million since 2014. It’s a near 20 per cent growth that only proves the popularity with British consumers of brands and characters from across the world.

The UK has outperformed Japan, Germany and China.

The majority of UK royalties – over two thirds – came from products in the entertainment and character category, followed by corporate and brand at 8.6 per cent, sports at 8.3 per cent and fashion at 7.6 per cent.

Maura Regan, president of LIMA, said: “Once again the industry comes together in London to identify and capitalise on the huge opportunities presented by licensing to retailers and the creators of fantastic licenses.

“It is right then to look at the role of the UK as a catalyst within the global licensing community, both as a highly valuable market for licensed retail sales and also as a provider of licenses which generate royalties in markets around the world. These figures show how well the UK is positioned as a global trading hub for licensed product, whether you are a buyer, a seller or a retailer.”

Anna Knight, brand director at Brand Licensing Europe, added: “It’s great to be hosting this multi-billion dollar industry here in London once again, where the very best of British and European licensing talent meets with international colleagues to build brands and create products with worldwide appeal.”

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