Branded food and drink sales grow 20 per cent for Smiley

Smiley has seen sales of branded food and drink products rise by an impressive 20 per cent throughout 2018, celebrating strong growth in the category spurred by its recent successes and portfolio of some 23 licensing partners in the food and beverage space.

“The use of 3D Smileys is very much the cornerstone of our food programme at the moment,” Lori Heiss-Tiplady, VP brand strategy at The Smiley Company, has said. “We have enjoyed long-term success with the use of our trademarked 3D Smiley shapes in food products for over 20 years.

“Our focus over the next year will be to sign new partners to build on this success using the multiple expressions which we hold the marks for in this category and introduce new products into the fresh, frozen and ambient categories.”

For Smiley, private label continues to be a big focus, who states that using the 3D Smiley in this space helps “bring an added layer of excitement for consumers,” with the added “appeal of a big brand with strong brand values, while still maintaining a competitive price.”

Partners that have enjoyed success with the trademarked 3D Smiley shape include McCain, whose potato Smiles have been a supermarket staple for over 20 years; Intersnack, who delivered 191 tons of Smiley snacks and crisps last year and have developed an extruded process for their new sweet and salty range; Transavia with listings at Farmfoods and Papane with their Smiley shaped Chicken Nuggets, and Dr. Oetker who launched Smiley shaped pretzels at multiple retailers in France.

Elsewhere, Lutti, a leading supplier of confectionary, continues to add to its 3D Smiley gummies range, with the launch of a new lower sugar product, Lutti Dooo.

To date, Zaini has sold over a million Smiley chocolate eggs with surprise and is launching a Smiley branded chocolate spread with surprise into the US market and other territories.

Beverage manufacturer L’Abeille is in development on a range of new flavours with lower sugar for their Smiley Fruity juice product for kids, which will be launched as a private label with market leader LSDH.

Smiley has also recently broken into the dairy category with the introduction of drinkable yoghurt with Laita, which is being sold private label at Auchan and Casino.

Lori Heiss-Tiplady added: “Constantly evolving to stay at the forefront of trends, we have created a new packaging direction with a ‘sketchy’ graffiti-inspired design style that appeals to both kids and adults alike. We know using our Smiley icons prominently on packaging helps drives purchase intent at retail, so building on this as a foundation and further tapping into our SmileyWorld ethos of sharing happiness and positivity, the new designs also feature positive messages on-pack alongside graphics from some of our most popular style guides.

“The result is a fun, trendy design that will stand out on shelves and bring smiles to every aisle.”

The packaging design will roll out over the next year across multiple food categories. with some of Smiley’s leading partners including Intersnack, Dr Oetker and Laita.


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