Branding Streams set to launch new Tetris merch

The Tetris Company has tapped Branding Streams as its new merchandising agent for the Tetris brand in Canada.

As part of the deal, Branding Streams will work on creating new product and promotional opportunities across a variety of categories, including toys, apparel, health and beauty, party goods, home décor and more.

“Working with the right licensing agent is important to ensure we’re introducing new products that our Tetris fans will enjoy,” said Maya Rogers, CEO of Blue Planet Software, Inc, sole agent for the Tetris brand.

“That’s why we’re thrilled to be working with Branding Streams in Canada, who has an established track record with working with major consumer brands to bring fun, high-quality goods to this key market.”

Karen Gagnon, president of Branding Streams, added: “Tetris is compelling to play. Creating order out of chaos and reaping the awards when all the pieces fit together is very satisfying.

“Branding Streams looks forward to making all the pieces fit together to offer a range of consumer products for all Tetris fans.”

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