Bravado launches capsule collab inspired by LEGO Vidiyo

Bravado, Universal Music Group’s global consumer, lifestyle, and brand management company, has announced the launch of a collaborative capsule inspired by LEGO Vidiyo, a video maker experience that allows children to dream big by directing, producing, starring in and sharing their own music videos.

Available now, the collection celebrates the intersection of LEGO play, music and fashion, featuring designs from P.A.M, Soulland, BBC ICECREAM and Bravado.

Sarah Andelman, co-founder of Paris boutique Colette, and the consulting and curating company Just an Idea, was tapped to oversee the creative for these capsules, and to capture “the universal essence of youthful creativity, bold thinking and optimism”.

The brand collabs include:

Mimi Choi, Lead Designer, BBC says: “As a brand with DNA steeped in music culture and values in education led by Pharrell Williams, LEGO Vidiyo’s DNA aligns with our ethos in providing the youth with tools to explore their creativity and innovation.”

“We chose a motif of the most simple LEGO brick swirling into a vortex/portal, going into the unknown, a world of pure imagination,” says Mischa Hollenbach, Co-founder, P.A.M. In her view the LEGO Vidiyo collection is a celebration of individuality, and unique creativity. “Let your mind be free. No barriers, no borders, no worries: just creativity. Whatever you can imagine you can build, starting with one small brick”.

In celebration of the collaboration and upcoming launch, Bravado, LEGO Vidiyo and HBX by Hypebeast created a digital jukebox, a dynamic visual experience that reimagines designs from Soulland, PAM, BBC Ice Cream and Bravado as shoppable album covers.


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