Bravado pens love letter to Queen with Montegrappa collaboration

Bravado has secured a unique collaboration with the Italian pen makers, Montegrappa for the launch of an extravagant collection based on the legendary rock group. Queen.

In the wake of the blockbuster motion picture, Bohemian Rhapsody, the luxury atelier has partnered with Bravado and Queen to create a collection of pieces that capture the band’s glory and regal splendour.

Finding inspiration in the album that propelled Queen to global super-stardom, A Night at the OperaMontegrappa has fashioned a pen of the same name. Available in an initial offering crafted from sterling silver and 18k gold, the limited edition release salutes the showmanship of the rock group.

Honouring the group’s pedigree as songwriters and performers, Queen: A Night at the Opera handmade in Italy, using the same care and delicate methods of antique jeweller’s craft to form a three-dimensional recreation of the album’s cover art.

The pen’s barrel is enveloped by the legendary Queen Crest designed by Freddie Mercury himself.

Montegrappa’s CEO and creative director, Giuseppe Aquila, commented on the passion project saying:”I grew up in the ’70s and ’80s, when it was impossible to overlook Queen’s presence. They were a force of nature, and we Italians particularly loved Freddie Mercury’s flamboyance and showmanship.”

David Boyne, Bravado’s managing director called the A Night at the Opera pen “a beautiful way to pay homage to both Queen and Freddie Mercury, one of the world’s greatest singers, performers and songwriters.”

The intricate piece is filled with references to Freddie Mercury’s stage presence – from his bejewelled crown and cape to his iconic bottomless mic, and spacer rings designed to evoke his pyramid-studded armlet. The engraved inscription ‘Made in Heaven’ pays tribute to the band’s final album.

Through Bravado’s representation, all elements of the pen have been designed in association with the band itself, with Aquila stating, “it’s been a privilege to have the opportunity to work with artists who played such a prominent role in my youth.”

Developed and created in Montegrappa’s century-old Venetian factory, the silver edition’s availability also offers a nod to the band’s single Bohemian Rhapsody with a limited production of 555 piston-fed fountain pens and rollerballs, referencing the song’s 5 minutes and 55 seconds duration.

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