Collaboration is looking to capture the 'essence of cycling heritage in Italy while injecting the urban flair from BLB'.

Brick Lane Bikes launches exclusive clothing line with Pella Sportswear

East London urban cycling mecca Brick Lane Bikes has teamed up with Italian brand Pella Sportswear for the launch of a new clothing collection.

The aim of the collaboration is apparently to capture the essence of cycling heritage in Italy, while injecting the urban flair from BLB.

The range will be limited to just three designs: a technical wool jersey, a traditional vintage wool jersey, plus a modern short sleev jersey and bib shorts.

"Collaborating with Pella enabled us to do what we love most at BLB London; mixing vintage style with the fresh new flair, while showcasing the energy and style of London cyclists," said Feya Buchwald, founder of Brick Lane Bikes.

Andrea Fortolan, general manager at Pella, added: "We are very excited and honoured to be working with a brand with such prestige as BLB. We consider the urban cycling market important not only for its growing popularity, but its role in sustainability, something that we as a company are very focused on."

The BLB range will sit alongside the existing licensed lines from Pella which include Aperol, Cinzano and Cynar among others.

The collection will be available worldwide through both distribution networks of BLB and Pella, with the first stock ready from beginning of April.

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