British gaming studio Boneloaf taps Toikido for Gang Beasts global master partnership

Toikido has struck a new major, global master partnership in the gaming space, this time partnering with the British indie games publisher Boneloaf to launch a range of toys, apparel, stationery, and more for the popular, multi-player beat ’em up party game, Gang Beasts.

The new pairing marks the second major gaming IP that Toikido has signed up since its launch last year, following the success of its Among Us toy line, a range that it currently causing a stir on the global toy and retail scene.

“We are huge fans of the Boneloaf team and have been playing Gang Beasts together and with our families for age, so to bring it into the Toikido stable is amazing,” said Darran Garnham, founder of Toikido.

The British studio, Boneloaf is currently working on a series of experimental multi-player party games, protoyping and play-testing to best identify fun new titles. Having grown up on a diet of Mario Kart 64 and Goldeneye 007, the studio has set out its mission to develop titles with a similarly lively and fun feel to them.

Recently announced for release on Nintendo Switch, Gang Beasts already has a strong fanbase and a series of honours, including Honourable Mention for Excellence in Design the Friendly Fire (Best Game to Mess with Your Friends) from Curse at E3, the Gamer’s Voice Award in the Multiplayer category at SXSW, Better with Friends Steam Awards, and a BAFTA nomination in the Multiplayer category in 2018.

The first range of product from Toikido will launch in 2022, spanning categories including, but not limited to toys, apparel, stationery, and more.

Toikido is a business that “pushes the envelope of innovation” in not only the kind of toys and IP it delivers to a contemporary toy industry, but in the way the industry itself operates. Boasting an infrastructure to operate at lightning speed, the outfit brought Among Us to market in under six months from agreeing terms to hitting the shelves, a practice deemed as revolutionary to the normal route to market.

“Toikido has been born by handpicking amazing people who I have always wanted to bring together,” Darran Garnham, the businesses founder told ToyNews.

“We’ve developed an ecosystem across many disciplines and skills that are really going to shake things up a bit and I’m really very excited about the future of the business.”

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