British Museum hails “amazing” response to call for licensing agents

The British Museum has been met with an "amazing response" to its call for licensing agents.

The Museum detailed plans to embark on a global licensing campaign back in June and the institution is now in the process of selecting the agent that will help the Museum develop the campaign.

“There has been an amazing response to our call for licensing agent services," said Tom Costello, head of retail, British Museum.

"We have now begun the work of selecting a licensing partner or partners that will play a pivotal role in communicating the Museum’s values to a wide audience. It won’t be an easy decision, nor should it be, but the sheer quality of the applications makes this a welcome challenge.”

The agency partner will work alongside the team at the British Museum as well as design agency Skew, which will develop a style guide for the campaign, and public relations group kilogrammedia, which will handle licensing-related publicity.

The licensing campaign for the British Museum aims to communicate the Museum and its values to a wide audience, to raise awareness of the British Museum as a museum of the world and for the world and to offer an additional source of funding for the upkeep of the Museum’s collection of cultural artefacts.

The Museum will also ensure the campaign targets a large number of product categories while ensuring that the Museum’s values and integrity are maintained.

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