London's iconic Black Cab could be taking a direct route into toys, games and video games very soon.

Bulldog Licensing secures partnership with London Taxi Company

London’s iconic Black Cab could be making its way from the streets to the home in a new partnership between The London Taxi Company and Bulldog Licensing.

Bulldog has teamed with the manufacturers of the hackney carriage vehicle to look for new opportunities in games, toys, video games and accessories.

Bulldog will then look to engage with partners in apparel and homewares, further down the line.

Furthermore, Bulldog is also looking to secure partnerships with firms interested in using images of black cabs for commercial purposes, films or video games.

“The Black Cab is one of the most iconic symbols of one of the most iconic cities in the world, so we are delighted to have signed this deal,” said Bulldog MD, Rob Corney.

“The car is absolutely unmistakable and is held in huge affection, both in the UK an across the world, so from a licensing point of view, it has absolutely massive potential.”

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