Bulldog Licensing to represent Garfield across the US and Canada

Bulldog Licensing has secured a deal with Paws, Inc to represent the classic character brand Garfield in the US and Canada.

Bulldog has already enjoyed success with the brand in the UK, and it will be working alongside its US sister company to help ensure that licensing for Garfield sees similar growth in the territory.

The brand has strong opportunities in both kids and adult products, with the firm focusing on toys, electronic games, apparel and accessories, stationery and gift as a key priority.

"We have enjoyed our relationship with Bulldog Licensing so much over the years that we jumped at the chance to get to work with them on this side of the pond as well," said Jim Davis, Garfield’s creator and president of Paws, Inc. "Laurie Windrow is a seasoned veteran in the licensing industry who shares our philosophy of caring for our brand: If we take care of the cat, that cat will take care of us. This is going to be fun."

Bulldog Licensing Inc’s Laurie Windrow added: "Garfield is one of the world’s most recognisable characters and we are delighted to be representing the brand in its home market. The ongoing success of the brand around the world shows just how well it can perform and, given how much the American public love Garfield, I’m sure we’ll be announcing new deals very soon."

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